Sunday, 3 August 2014


I have always loved Teddy bears. 

I still have a teddy that I got when I was eight years old. 
He looks a little shaggy but he takes pride of place in my bedroom.

I love doing a Teddy Bear theme with my children at school. It is always so much fun. I enjoy it as much as the kids. 
I know I am still a kid at heart.

This year I did some fun activities for 
A Pocket for Corduroy 
by Don Freeman. 

We did a Text to self connection for Corduroy.

In the story, Lisa wants her Mum to buy Corduroy but her Mother tells her that she has already spent enough money.
So Lisa went home and got the money from her piggy bank.

I used this as an opportunity to discuss with the children about working and saving to buy the things that we want.
We talked about something special the children would like to buy and what jobs they could do at home to earn some pocket money.

I loved reading some of their responses.

We also made Corduroy. 
I let the children choose the colour of the overalls for their Corduroy.

After we read A pocket for Corduroy, 
the children gave their Corduroy a pocket and put his name in the pocket.

After reading the stories, 
we noticed that Corduroy has a favourite saying,

I've always wanted...

We did this text to self connection activity.
The children wrote  something Corduroy always wanted and then they wrote something they have always wanted.

We did lots of other fun activities. 

I have just posted my Corduroy pack on Teachers Pay Teachers if you would like to take a peak HERE

By the way...

There is a big Back to School sale happening at TPT on 
August 4th & 5th.

You can get up to 28% off so now is the time to go shopping.

Happy shopping 
Happy teaching!


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