Sunday, 13 October 2013

Sounds, Words Sentences

This little blog of mine sure has been neglected.
As I told you, I am not in the classroom at present. 
I do miss all the fun that goes with having a class.

For part of the day, when I'm not teaching Reading Recovery, I teach lots of different classes.
I have been doing a Science Unit about Space with my classes. I will be posting this unit on TPT soon. 
As well I have a fun freebie that I will be posting for you, so don't give up on me!!

I wanted to show you my sounds / come writing activity that I did with my Kinders last year. 
I call it Sounds Words Sentences.

The purpose behind this activity is to show my little learners the big picture when learning sounds.
Starting with a 'mystery sentence' we find a word beginning with a letter and then the sound in that word.

I have a mystery sentence to go with each letter of the alphabet.

I laminate the words for the sentence and cut them up.  
I put magnetic tape on the back and use it on the big magnetic board. You could also do this with a pocket chart.

It becomes an interactive lesson where we reconstruct the jumbled mystery sentence.
I use this as an opportunity to do some explicit teaching about sentence structure, ie capitals, spaces, and punctuation.

My students do a worksheet where they practise writing the letter and the word.

Then they do the scrambled mystery sentence.

I made some alphabet charts and my students used these to write some more words that begin with the sound.
You can see my little one using the word chart below.

I made a version of this activity which is available on TPT.

I cannot include the Word Charts because some of the clip art I used is for personal use only.
If you are interested, my Sounds Words Sentences pack is available at TPT HERE
It will be on sale for 2 days.

If you are a teacher from NSW and would like this pack in NSW Foundation font, you can email me after you purchase it and I will send it to you.

Happy Teaching