Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Favourite Back to School Activity Linky Party

Jodi over at Fun in First is having a linky party about your favourite back to school activity.

PS Note my spelling of favourite. We like to do it different down here!!

Because I am from Australia we are not going back to school. We are in the middle of our school year.
But back in February, when we went back to school I did many activities about the Kissing Hand.
I love reading this story to my little Kinders. I do many activities including a craft activity of Chester. I do a text to self connection activity and the little ones can relate to feeling just like Chester when they started school.

For more back to school ideas hop on over to Jodi's blog. 

If you would like to see my activities go HERE to my post about the Kissing Hand.

Sunday, 29 July 2012

Beginning Sounds Sort ~ a freebie

I have a beginning sounds sort that will help reinforce your sounds work.

I have used many words that your little ones will use in Kindergarten. I hope you find this useful. There are 11 different words:   cat, dog, mum and mom, dad, sun, boy, girl, sun, tree, bird

You can download it for free at my TPT store HERE.

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

My Ducks

This is not a post about school but about my ducks.
I have 5 muscovy ducks. I have had them for about 8 years. 
I had 3 girls and 2 boys.

There was one duck, Emmy. I had a special bond with her.
She was my broody duck.

 I called her Emmy because her feathers looked like emerald green in the sun.
Here she is with some of her ducklings. 

She used to lay her eggs in the garden but I made her a box in the pen and then she started to lay her eggs in there where it was much safer.

Here she is sitting on a nest in the garden. I always hand fed her when she was sitting on her eggs.

My ducks would sometimes come up to the garden outside the house and forage for food through the day.

I live in a small city on the outskirts of town. I consider myself very lucky to live in town but in the middle of a large reserve with lots a very large gum trees, bush and ponds. 

But I also have a problem with a fox. 

Five years ago, after I had lost several ducks, my hubby made an enclosure where I  could lock my ducks up every night. Every evening the ducks are always waiting for me and follow me into the pen.

There was no way that fox could get in. It had a cement floor and the wire was bolted to the floor. 

Every morning, I  go down to the enclosure to let the ducks out for the day.

Yesterday, when I went down to let out my ducks, I could not believe what confronted me.
The fox had got into the enclosure!
It had somehow found a weak spot and got in.
It absolutely devastated me.

Two dead females and Emmy, still alive but injured. 
The two males are still alive but are very quiet. I know they miss the girls.

I took Emmy to the vet but sadly she had a broken leg and other injuries. 
As I stroked her head, she closed her eyes. 
I had to say goodbye.

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Snow ~ A freebie

Down here in Australia it is our Winter. 
I know on the other side of the world you are enjoying the summer months. Lucky you. 

We have been doing winter activities in my classroom so here is a freebie. It's a cute poem about Snow. I have given you different copies so you can use it as you wish.

 I would love it if you gave me a comment if you like the poem.

Click HERE to get your copy. 

Friday, 20 July 2012

Its a Celebration Winners

I have 3 winners for my giveaway.



Corinna from Teaching Fabulous Firsties.

I will be contacting you  so that you can let me know what products you would like.

Monday, 16 July 2012

100 Followers Giveaway

I can't believe I have 100 followers. 
To celebrate 100 followers, I am going to have a giveaway.

 Being a part of the blogging world  is such an exciting and rewarding  experience. I get to meet many other wonderful bloggers, get new ideas for my classroom and hopefully give something back.

Three followers, can each choose any 3 of my products for free.

To be a part of this celebration, follow me on TPT and on my blog.
Let me know that you are following me and don't forget to leave me your email.

I will have this celebration for 3 days.