Thursday, 3 May 2012

Kindergarten Sight Word Activities

We have been focusing the sight word 'ON' this week. We started by making a little emergent reader called Where is the Rain? Have a look at the great work my little ones did with this activity.

After they had highlighted the word 'on' I told them to find the first letter of the word to help them find the correct picture for each page. Once they had pasted all of their pictures into their book, they labeled each picture. I like to get my little ones to do as much reading and writing as possible but always providing scaffolding and lots of support.

The next day we completed my flip book activity focusing on the word 'on'. The little ones make a flip book that they can read independently. These books have simple text with picture support for each word change. The children then complete a worksheet where they practice writing the sight word as well as write sentences from their flip book.

                           All of my little ones work so hard on their activities.

Kindergarten is such a rewarding grade to teach. Hard work.... yes, especially at the beginning of the year but it is so wonderful to see how they grow.

                           These activities are for free on my TPT store HERE
                           I have also included the flip book activity for you to try.

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                                                              Happy Teaching!


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