Friday, 11 May 2012

CVC Words Flip Books and Writing Activities

I have just finished my CVC Words Flip Books Activities. 
There are 3 different activities to do for CVC Words.

CVC Words Flip Books

I start the activity by getting my little ones to make the flip book and then draw a picture to match the words where possible. Some words cannot be illustrated. I create Anchor Charts and we do lots of work stretching the letters before we do these activities.

The little ones have a worksheet to complete where they record their words and then draw and label some pictures.

 Read, Copy, Write, Draw.

 This activity involves my little ones reading the words ~ note the ticks next to each word. They have to read each word 3 times and then tick the word.

Then they copy the words.

They have a jumbled sentence (using the words) to paste together correctly and then copy the sentence.

  Real and Nonsense Word Sort.

This is a good activity that gets your little ones stretching out the words and thinking about whether the word is a real word or not.

All these activities are available in my

 You can download a sample of the activities to try at my TPT store HERE


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