Friday, 30 March 2012

Easter Bunny Glyph

I love Easter time and all the cute pictures that go with it... bunnies chickens, flowers, eggs...
We have been busy doing our Easter Bunny Glyph and other Easter goodies.

I think our bunnies look SO cute!

Then we completed our Easter Bunny Glyph book.

We collected our data about the Easter Bunnies.

We analysed our data and wrote about it.

We labeled the Easter Bunny.

This is a great little story to read for Easter.

We did text to self connections and the children wrote what they would do if they were the Easter Bunny.

We also did a cute Easter Bunny Craftivty. 

 If you would like these fun activities for your little ones you can get them and more in my Easter Fun pack available at TPT HERE.  



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