Friday, 30 November 2012

The Elf On The Shelf

We have been having lots of elf fun in my classroom. 

My little ones are all trying so hard so that they will be on Santa's 'nice' list.
This is my first year with our classroom elf and I must say I think it is pretty darn cute.

There are lots of great ideas for  Elf on the Shelf activities.
Mel from
is having an
Elf on the Shelf Elfcapades Linky party.

If you were looking for some great ideas pop over to Mel's blog
She has some great ideas.
I think she is having a secret love affair with the elf. 
She LOVES everything ELF! 

 We have been having lots of elf fun in my classroom as well.
My book arrived last week and my little ones were so excited!

 Our elf is a girl. 
My little ones were quite amused that an elf could be a girl!! 

We voted on a name for our elf. 
My little ones called her

Twinkles likes spending the day with Pete and Chester.
They help her look for who is being naughty or nice.

 Twinkles sometimes pops up in a reading box.

 We made made an elf adjectives anchor chart.

 We used our adjectives in our silly elf sentences. 


 We also did a fun graph and maths activity.

I wrote a poem called The Little Elf. Here is our pocket chart.
I also made a reader for my little ones to take home.

We did a text to self writing activity to go with our elf that we made.
~ I am being nice when. . . ~

We wrote about ways we can be 'nice'.

This activity is particularly good at this time of year when my little ones are so excited and tired. 
It is a good reminder about doing the right thing and being a 'nice' person.

We have been having lots of elf fun!!

Don't forget to pop on over  to
for more Elf on the Shelf fun

Last but not least. . .

A big thank you to Nikki from Melonheadz for the fantasti
clip art.
I am ADDICTED to her stuff.
If you like the elf clip art I have used you should check out 
her blog Melonheadz Illustrating
her TPT Store HERE 

  If you haven't already, you really should check out her stuff.

Happy teaching 


Nikki said...

Oh Miss Rhonda!
Thank you so much for letting me peek into your classroom, and see what you have made with my scribbles! It's fantastic!!!! I'm so proud of what you've done:) LOVE it! I'm so excited:)

Stephania Augello said...

I love the activities you have created based on The Elf of the Shelf. It is wonderful that you can take a concept and use it in a number of different academic subject areas. I will try to modify these activities for my older kids.


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