Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Froggy's Halloween

My class love Froggy books and just quietly so do I!

Have you read Froggy's Halloween? 

 Froggy cannot decide on his costume for Halloween.  
He finally decides to dress up as the 'Frog Prince' much to the delight of the lovely Froggilina. 
But Froggy can't escape quick enough so he 
leapfrogs over his parents to escape.
My little ones are still laughing and asked me to read the book again.
It has been a favourite during free reading time.

I put together some activities as well as making the handsome 'Frog Prince'

If you are interested, you can see this at my TPT store HERE.

Happy teaching!


Erica said...

This looks precious, but the link didn't connect me to your store. Everything you make is wonderful!!!!

Sprinkles to Kindergarten

Zoe said...

Hi Rhonda, is this product still in your store? I'd love to do it with my class this year!

Oh the Little Wonders

Lydia Jones said...

I would like to purchase this, but the link doesn't show it in your store anymore.

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