Monday, 24 September 2012


Have you read the book Stellaluna by Janell Cannon? 
It is a heartwarming story about a baby bat who loses her mother.

 The story takes you through many emotions and ends with a lovely message pointing out that while we are different we are still the same. 
The expression on my little ones faces were priceless as they were drawn into the story and expressed their sadness, their concern and their love for Stellaluna.
The pictures in the book are worth a thousand words.

If you go to Storyline Online Pamela Reed reads Stellaluna and brings the story to life.

We did many activities about Stellaluna.

We did a reading response activity about the story as well as this cute little craft activity.

We also did a story map

Because Stellaluna is a  fruit bat we did a fun graphing activity, What is Stellaluna's favourite fruit?

We went on to learn about bats and did lots of other fun activities. 
I will post about them tomorrow.
I will also have a freebie for you.

All of these activities and lots more are available in my 


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