Thursday, 30 May 2013

Stamp It!

I know I have been MIA. 
It seems like forever since I posted on my l'il blog.
Due to some staff changes at my school, I am not teaching my Kindergarten class. 
I am back teaching Reading Recovery for the rest of the year and I also teach RFF K-6. 
WHEW!!! I feel like haven't had time to come up for air.

RFF is Release From Face to Face Teaching. 
Here in NSW Australia, Primary teachers K-6 have 2 hours a week release time for planning and preparation.

When I'm not teaching Reading Recovery, I go onto classes and relieve teachers for their release time.

 Kindergarten is where my heart is! 
Anyway I created my STAMP IT pack for my little Kinders even though I am not teaching them. 

Kids LOVE to stamp! 
This is a fun way for your little ones to learn about letters sounds and words.

            This pack could be used in a centre for the whole year.
I have included a lot of sheets for each part.
All you need are some alphabet stamps and you're done.  
 I have included Alphabet ~ Uppercase and Lowercase Letter matching, High Frequency Words, CVC Words, Rhyming Words, Blends Digraphs~sh & ch, Beginning Sounds and Ending Sounds.


I purchased a great alphabet stamping set from Yogee Toys.
This supplier is from Australia.

 If you would like to purchase my pack it is on sale for 24 hours.
It is available from TPT HERE

Happy Stamping!